Love and sex

When he’s just not that into you

Ladies, we have all been there. You met this wonderful man who you are faling in love with, you think hes feeling it too. And why not? You are having a good time together and the sex is great too. Then it all stops, you are left to wonder what happened. You wait for his calls, his texts, his e-mails, you check his Facebook to see if he is still alive…

What went wrong? Looking back you Will have seen the signs, yes ladies the signs that have let you know that hes just not that into you. Signs which you overlooked or ignored because the sex was great.

Dont keep on making the same mistakes over and over again. When a Guy shows you these signs, walk away, you deserve the best.

Sign 1: He doesn’t  call (or just calls when he is horny)

No matter how busy a man gets when he is into you he WILL call. Even when hes in the middle of a family emergency, he Will make the effort to let you know Whats up. When you send him a message he will take the time to respond because you are important to him. When a man doesn’t call and you find yourself chasing him around just to talk then he’s just not that into you

Sign 2: He talks about other women

The man you are so into talks to you about other women (in his life), he still keeps in touch with some of his ex lovers and constantly compliments other women in your presence. Men at times use this mechanism to drive women away without actually dumping them. When he does this he is just not that into you.

Sign 3: His family and friends don’t know you

You have been hanging out for some time and he hasn’t introduced you to his family and friends. When you do meet his friends he refers to you as my friend [insert your name here]. Alarm bells should be ringing in your head by now. A man who’s proud of you will scream of the roof tops that you are his woman. Also to let other men know that you are off limits. When he hasn’t done that by now you know how it feels about you.

Sign 4: He cares more about your body than your mind

Yes the sex is great, but when did you last have a meaningful conversation about what drives you? When last did he show interest in what you do and your dreams? When all you do is getting it on, then it’s clear he’s into you to get th cookie. And don’t you deserve more than that?

Ladies, bottom line is when a man is into you he will make sure that you feel it with every inch of your body. When he’s not that into you, he will keep you wondering.