Tips for Finding True Love

There isn’t a magic formula out there to find true love.  This topic will give a few concrete ideas which can be shaped  and personalized to fit who you are. The underlying thought is to go out there and work it.

  • Be committed to your search
  • Commit to it and be serious. Treat it as if you are searching for a job or any other aspect in your life which requires commitment.
  • Determine what it is that you want in a partner:

What are you looking for, which qualities should a man or woman have? It helps to make a list of qualities for your future mate. Should he/she be in employment? Should he/she be a Christian, have a good relationship with his/her  parents or family. Can he/she be a divorced with children? Be specific on your list and don’t limit yourself to just physical attributes.

  • Go out there and be social:

Your partner won’t be delivered at your door as you sit on the couch waiting for the doorbell to ring. Finding love requires action and a pro-active attitude. Go to the gym, the library, go to lunch by yourself or find something that you love to do. The point is to make yourself available and let others know that you are open to meet other people.

  •   Take risks:

By taking risks it’s not implied that you do anything to jeopardize your safety or the safety of others. Taking a risk means making eye contact, asking for a person’s number, striking up a conversation with a stranger. Do something that you normally might not do.

  • Accept rejection:

Not everyone is going to like or accept you. Just like you don’t like everyone that you come in contact with. Everyone has been rejected by a person in their lifetime, however being rejected doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you or that you should give up. NO, get back on that horse and keep going strong. Being rejected is a blessing in disguise. That way you won’t be preoccupied with someone who you wouldn’t have a future with anyway.

  • Have fun:

With everything that you do in life, it’s important to remember to have fun. People are more attracted to someone who is having fun in life than a constant nagger. So go out there, smile, enjoy and meet the love of your life.