How to send messages that get replies

Now that you know how to create a killer profile that makes you stand out. It’s time to venture out and hunt for that hot date. Here are a few tips on how to send messages that will get you replies and hopefully a date.

  1. Don’t just say “Hi”. That’s just boring and easy way for your message to get ignored.
  2. Ask something about your potential date’s interest or anything they mentioned in their profile
  3. Make your messages brief and interesting
  4. Start your message with a compliment and end it with a question to continue with a conversation
  5. Don’t go straight into asking the “Tell me about yourself” question. It makes it sound like an interview.
  6. Be original sound normal ,  just like you would in person.
  7. Avoid sexual advances most women get this all the time and rarely respond
  8. Send messages to people you have the same interests with.