How to create a Dating Profile that works

  1. Profile Picture : A profile picture is the single most important feature of your profile. Attraction is everything when it comes to online dating. Make sure you have a recent picture of yourself. The picture should be clear, and make sure you smile. Post at least one or two pictures. There is no excuse for not having one, everyone has a smartphone phone with a camera these days. No one wants to respond to profiles without images. You come out as a stalker when you don’t have a picture.
  2. Honest : Be honest about who you are. Your age, marital status, occupation, height and body type and location. In the age of social media, the world is smaller than you might think. The truth will come out, save yourself a heartache and  time, be honest.
  3. Interests: This is important because chemistry in a relationship is built on interests. Add interesting facts about you and what makes you unique List activities you do in your spare time such as reading, travel, working out, volunteer just as an example.
  4. Headline: This is what is displayed next to your picture. Have  a catchy headline that creates interests from potential seekers. Example: A gentleman and a scholar, You have tried the rest, try the best. Be creative and come up with something that matches your personality. What’s the best thing your friends would say about you.
  5. About me : Show off your personality, beauty and looks alone will not get you a date. It’s time to sell yourself but do not lie.  Do not bore people with long profiles. Keep it simple and witty.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with the admins if you are having trouble creating a profile. Good luck in your search.