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So why is sex so important in Marriage? 1. It makes your partner feel appreciated Well I have always said that Sex most times is the only intimate way we appreciate someone we love.
Welcome to the real life match dating website. How do you go about registering on this website? Follow the simple instructies below. All you gotta do is think of a username, password and put your email address. The website will give you a unique security code which you have enter to make sure youre a […]
If you are unable to login using your username or password.¬†This normally happens when you forget your password. Click on the Sign in Button the top right side of the page A small sign in box like the one shown above will appear. Click on the lock and simply reset your password by entering the […]
Ladies, we have all been there. You met this wonderful man who you are faling in love with, you think hes feeling it too. And why not? You are having a good time together and the sex is great too. Then it all stops, you are left to wonder what happened. You wait for his […]
Looking for a partner? Dont rule out online dating, when you know the rules and if you are careful chances are you will find your partner right here! The world is big so why limit yourself? Register with us today for free! All you gotta do is think of a username, password and put your […]
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Dear members, Maybe you have been chatting with this lovely man or woman for some time now and you are sure that you want to meet him or her. Now the question is where can you meet each other in a safe and secured environment? We are organizing a singles event in Lusaka whereby you […]
Sometimes you may be wondering why you meet wrong people.Well here are the tips to increase your online matches. 1.Make sure you upload real pictures of yourself on your profile 2.Describe the kind of man or woman you looking for 3.State what you want in title..EG-Marriage,friendship,dating etc 4.Upload 4 or 5 photos of yourself that […]