5 Important Steps Before Making Love

Everyone wants great sex from their partners, but how do you get it? It takes a lot of ingredients, such as having the right attitude, trusting your partner and getting over your hang-ups both of you.And I think everyone has some skeletons rattling around in their proverbial closet. Let us share some PIVOTAL steps before Love making but feel free to add on


You and your partner really need to be in the right mood with your minds emotionally ready for sex without the feeling of forcing the other,nagging or begging as it puts off your friends sexual appetite.It is very difficult for example to make a woman cum who is not ready for sex.This plays a very big role before making love to your lovely spouse. Forget the differences and set the mood in such a way that,at that moment,all u wish is to appreciate the one you love through passionate love making


Obviously most married couples know Love making is all about romance and emotional attachment towards each other and this is were you undress each other romantically and play all the sweet tricks before complete readiness as in going in bed or were ever. I must emphasize it is wrong for those men who when they are so sexy,they just jump on top of a woman and start making love.It is actually offensive on part of a woman.Be patient with your woman,prepare her till you see she is ready for the act as most women who are sexually satisfied were nicely caressed by their spouses. Don’t tell her to remove her clothes, C’mon help her the gentle way,be nice so that u do not spoil her mood.


Foreplay is the final stage to getting there and to some Oral stimulation doubles pleasure and you can make love for several hours. Now both men and women need to concentrate on arousing the partner on those areas which gives them the highest sexual sensation. Do not waste scratching and rubbing were it does not excite your partner.Focus on the target and do not waste time and play lazy.Take long on Fore play and let it be the way u both like it.If she does not like to be kissed in her ear’s,stop tickling her and lick her tits if that’s the best that turns her own.If he does not like to be licked on his penis,do not do it.Let your focus be on what really stimulates his sexual feelings.Discuss openly with your partner on what turns on him/her partner for you to find out.hey hey hey hey,be adventurous here and loose yourself because that is were you start making love after both are ready and can not hold it. Do not feel shy pa obe,mwikatishe.


What it means use words is to express how you feel at every stage as they make love to you or during the process.The pleasure from making love doubles when you tell your partner how much you love ,need or want him do it more or her at this moment and they get the pleasure to do it more and more nicely,slowly,rough but lovely to just satisfy you. Do not keep completely quiet through out because it will be difficult to tell if all they are doing is nonsense or helping you climax and reach orgasm


Don’t forget that after-play it is just as important to relax a bit and in some cases thank your partner for the nice love making and rest holding each other or apart as you both wish. Rather than jumping up after lovemaking, stay physically and emotionally intertwined.

And some times it is also important to ask your partner if they enjoyed or not if at all you did not communicate of follow the process.Do not just run to clean yourself without completing the process.To some it takes all this for them to say,yes i enjoyed sex but if you do it like you do not care how they felt,you will be viewed as not romantic and caring.